Electronic cigarettes: No smoking, but lots of fuming

E-cigarette techology smoking hot while cities struggle with regulations

“It looks like it’s probably very minor risk.” However, there is a social risk, Bialous points out, in that vapers drawing on stick-like objects and puffing out a smoke-like substance looks a lot like smokers, and may serve to normalize the habit again. Might kids be attracted to a product enjoyed by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio? “So far, there is no evidence that kids find this particularly cool,” Siegel says, though that “could change.” Even when it’s technically allowed, some e-cigarette users avoid vaping in social situations. “I just don’t feel comfortable going into public places and vaping, because it looks like you’re smoking,” says Brian Worthy, owner of the Vapor-Mart in Los Angeles. He doesn’t want to upset bystanders, so he vapes only indoors at his home or store.
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Tobacco regulators mull more oversight as e-cigarettes see increased popularity

Corbett pointed to a UC Riverside study that found concentrations of silver, iron, aluminum and other metals in e-cigarettes were the same or higher than in conventional cigarette smoke, which is known to cause breathing problems and disease. E-cigarettes are banned in many countries, including Brazil and Panama, and New Jersey is the first state to ban their use in public places. Dr. Michael Siegel, a tobacco control specialist at Boston University School of Public Health who advocated for smoke-free laws in California and Massachusetts, said research shows e-cigarettes are safer than real cigarettes, although more research is needed. Siegel said since there is no tobacco or combustion in an e-cigarette, there is no secondhand smoke.
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Can electronic cigarettes help smokers kick the traditional habit?

( Aristide Economopoulos/The Star-Ledger) View/Post Comments “Right now we regulate cigarettes, loose tobacco and smokeless tobacco, but the law does give us a process for adding more products to our jurisdiction,” said FDA spokeswoman Jennifer Haliski. “The FDA has publicly said that we intend to make every product that meets the statutory definition of a tobacco product of our authority.” For now, that means the e-cigarette industry has to avoid so much as hinting it is a smoking cessation device. The FDA currently regulates nicotine replacement therapies, known as NTRs, such as gum, patches and lozenges “One way a lot of people interpret ‘therapeutic’ is if the manufacturer says you can use the product to quit smoking, as a cessation device,” Haliski said, “then that would bring it under our jurisdiction.” Perhaps it helps that e-cigarette puffers don’t call themselves smokers.
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