Electronic cigarettes could rekindle battles over smoking in public

With e-cigarettes, where vapors rise, so does debate


Its been, what, six years now since they passed the smoking ban in Minnesota? he said. You give it a funny look because you havent seen it in a while. Electronic cigarettes have been on a slow burn for years, but theyve recently caught fire. National sales jumped to $500 million in 2012 and are projected to clear $1 billion this year.
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4. Are the prices realistic? (You DO NOT need to pay $100 for a kit, simple as that!).
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Miami’s Vapor Shop, Gives Away Bruno Mars Concert Tickets

Ellen Corbett, D-San Leandro, has introduced legislation that would treat e-cigarettes which use a battery to vaporize a solution of fogging agents, flavors and nicotine when the user drags on them or presses a button like cigarettes and ban them from restaurants, schools and workplaces. Health groups, including the California Medical Association, warn that e-cigarettes are not medically approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are subject to little in the way of quality control. “Health professionals are very alarmed,” Corbett said. When more than 150 opponents of her bill, SB 648, began vaping en masse in the hallways of the Capitol, passers-by coughed and choked on the vapors, she said.
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Electronic Cigarettes Retailer Vapor Jedi Launches New Canadian Website

None of the products that http://www.vaporjedi.com sells are intended as a solution to quit smoking, though some people find these products can be used as a replacement solution to kick unwanted habits. Additionally, some question electronic cigarettes safety and believe that vaporizers could be just as harmful to people as smoking real cigarettes. But according to an article on VaporJedi.com, “There have been no reported negative side effects even in people who vaporize heavily all day every day for years. Unlike a cigarette, you don’t actually burn anything and pretty much all you inhale is a bit of water vapor and the flavor of your choice. Everything from chocolate, to fruit, to bacon, to tobacco, you can get eJuice in pretty much any flavor you can imagine.” Vapor Jedi’s line of Canadian eJuice with nicotine or without is available exclusively on the new website.
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