New E-Cigarette Store Takes the Smoke Out of Smoking

Citing danger, PMA urges e-cigarettes ban

Your taste buds come back! Horne said. Horne, a Santa Cruz resident, plugged into the e-cigarette movement after 20 years of smoking and trying to quit so many times that its not even funny, as he writes on the shops website. There was only one problem: he liked smoking. I wanted to be able to continue to smoke because I enjoyed it and a lot of my friends still smoke, a lot of the bars I go to in Santa Cruz, even though they arent allowed to, people still smoke in them and stuff like that, so it was a way for me to continue to smoke without getting all the nasty carcinogens and tar and all the other crap thats in there, Horne said.
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According to Olarte, the use of e-cigs is not an ”alternative lifestyle” as claimed by its proponents and promoters but is actually a new and an ”alternative vice” which should not be taught to the public in general and children in particular. Alwan earlier stated that ”e-cigs marketers and propagandists should immediately remove from their advertisements and websites any suggestion that the WHO considers electronic cigarettes to be safe and an effective smoking cessation aid because this is untrue.” Olarte, who is both a medical doctor and a practicing lawyer, asked the Aquino administration to act on this crucial issue and post a ban on its sale because it is contrary to the intent and provisions of the law (Republic Act 9211) which was crafted to protect everybody, most specifically the youth, from nicotine addiction and myriad of ailments like chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases that can kill. More stories TD Isang makes landfall over Isabela, Signal 1 up over north Luzon (Updated 5:12 a.m.) Tropical Depression Isang has made landfall over Estagno Point, Isabela, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration said in its 5 a.m. Weather Bulletin. As of 4 a.m.
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