Chocolate Lover

Halo Belgian Cocoa is a pleasant surprise! I bought a bottle of this on a whim e cigarette for sale from the vendor I use for a lot of hardware. It is probably the best stand alone chocolate I have tried yet. It is a deep, rich slightly sweet chocolate flavor, the throat hit is perfect for me, and I get big clouds of vapor. It’s not entirely dry like HHV Tuscan Cocoa. I would say its slightly creamy. And it’s more full flavored than Ahlusion Chocolate Cream. Those have been two of the better straight up chocolate juices v2 cig coupon code I have tried.
I bought a bunch of chocolate juice this last week. KBV’s Trollhouse Cookie, PB Cup, Rocky Road, and Cookies and Cream all from HDV. I am still waiting on Nightshift, Mewlew’s Magic, Candybar, Monkey Business and Chocolate Pudding to arrive from Velvet Cloud.
I feel like I hit the chocolate jackpot…..finally!
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